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November 11
Event Organizer, hitchhiker and speaker.

Antonin Borgnon

Antonin Borgnon is an enthusiast hitchhiker and photographer. In 2016 he realized the photography project “Markers“ (, that follows hitchhikers in their journey. To present it, he decided to look for artists/hitchhikers around the world and to organize a collective exhibition in Warsaw.

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Antonin’s Presentation

Art of Hitchhiking


Art of Hitchhiking – a collection of works inspired by the roads, the first exhibition that featured contemporary artists inspired by hitchhiking took place in Warsaw in May 2017. The talk aims to come back to the exhibition focusing on the various sources of inspiration of the artists and the artworks that they presented. Each artist came with its own experience of hitchhiking and its own focus such as hitchhikers, drivers, their stories, the chaos of the journey or the fragility felt by the hitchhikers.



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