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November 11
Hitchhiker, traveller and writer.

Anick-Marie Bouchard

Anick-Marie Bouchard is an enthusiast hitchhiker and writer.

Anick-Marie Bouchard is a travel blogger specialized in Hitchhiking, Female Solo Travel, and Road Culture. Former volunteer on Couchsurfing’s Safety Team, she co-authored several Lonely Planet guidebooks in French, most notably La Bible du Grand Voyageur (The Great Traveller’s Bible – 4th Edition in the making), an alternative travel practical guidebook on topics ranging from long-distance hiking to all forms of hitchhiking (road, boats, trains, planes), stealth camping or dumpster diving. Since 2013, she’s involved in the Sun Trip solar cycles rally, first as a participant, then as the coordinator and now as the webmaster. Living as a nomad for 13 years, she recently emigrated from Canada to the French Alps.


Anick-Marie’s Presentation

In the Right State of Mind: Creating a Playground for Local Adventures


Topic : In the Right State of Mind: Creating a Playground for Local Adventures

While we all have a certain perception of what makes a great Adventure, I’d like to explore the very state of mind that one gets in during adventure. Is it possible to catalyze that emotional state during shorter or local adventures? How so? I argue that it is possible to create such adventure “playgrounds” at a smaller scale by defining a framework of limitations, such as travelling moneyless, solely by means of hitchhiking, or without speaking a word, to give just a few examples.



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