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Miracles in the mundane: hitchhiking and micro-adventures

Bournemouth University

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November 11
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#Hitchhiking & #Micro-Adventures

Join hitchhikers and social scientists on November 11 at Bournemouth University (UK), as we think with and through hitchhiking and micro adventures. We will be hosting a series of talks and discussions around hitchhiking and micro-activities to explore the modern experiences of passengering, ethical encounters, trust, the cost of speed and acceleration, driverless cars, social entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, automobility and infrastructure from a social science perspective.


What is hitchhiking?

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What are Micro-Adventures?

Read a little more….

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We need your help?

Volunteers wanted to talk, explain and present.

Are you a hitchhiker or micro-adventurer and want to talk during the event? Get in touch!

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Hitchhiking & and Social science>

Why Combine?

We hope to explain the hitchiking and micro-adventures, with the aid of social science!


What topics might be explored ?

Anything you like, as long as its related to hitchhiking or micro-adventures.

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Why attend?


We hope you will gain new knowledge from attending the event! Let us tell you why?

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Hitchhiking Artwork

Check out the pictures from hitchhikers and about hitchiking. See the art up close on November 11th.

Meet the

Speakers. Live today (Nov). 4pm (GMT/UK time).

Also shown live on Twitter and Facebook.
Michael O’Regan



Organiser of the event, a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University, hitchhiker and researcher on mobilities.



Antonin Borgnon is an enthusiast hitchhiker and photographer.



Anick-Marie Bouchard is a travel blogger specialized in Hitchhiking, Female Solo Travel, and Road Culture. Living as a nomad for 13 years, she recently emigrated from Canada to the French Alps.



The photo is from his most recent bit of fieldwork in Romania, en route to Belgrade. The sign reads ‘BEG’. Understand more about how hitchhiking links with Social Science by attending this event…


Max Neumegen

15 August 1979, Max was a young dreaming idealistic overland traveller on the shores of Alexandria Egypt, setting out to walk the length of Africa for Peace. The sun was hot, the waves of the sea were around my feet, as the salt water was left behind & not seen again for another two years… Attend, the event to find out more….



Experienced hitchhiker who has been doing it for four years now, across Europe, parts of Africa and Asia as well as the UK

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If you can physically be at the event at Bournemouth University (Dorset, UK), register for free at

Latest news

The Event is on Today. ASK Questions VIA the Live chat box you see on the bottom right of the screen.


This event is run by Michael O’Regan as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017, organised by Bournemouth University.

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